13 August 2018

We deeply mourn the demise of the world acclaimed Marxist thinker and renowned political economist Samir Amin. He was one of the constructive thinkers and always remained as a great source of inspiration for those who believed in the possibility of alternative and better world.

We would like to recollect our memory of having a noted political economist in one of our programmes organised from 10 to 12 November 2008, The Conference on Democracy, Development and Peace in Asia, where we got an opportunity to listen to his thought-provoking key-note speech. During his speech, he said that since the imperialist system is not associated with the social progress it is losing its legitimacy credibility in many places. He also said that the recent financial crisis was the result of the capitalistic economy and the utilitarian system of the capitalism should be ended. He blasted big economies, particularly the US, the UK and Japan, for what he called “their hegemonistic approach vis-a-vis global resources.” Terming the recent collapse of Wall Street a tip of the iceberg, the Egyptian scholar said the fall of capitalism was imminent.

We shall always admire and draw strength from his firm position against the corporate globalisation and the fight for social justice.

We offer our deepest condolences and strength to the bereaved family. Till the end Amin continued to write, critiquing several global developments.

We reproduce below an interview of his which in essence reflects his opinions on the global order.

On behalf of SAAPE Founders, Members and the Regional Secretariat,

Netra Timsina, Regional Co-ordinator, SAAPE

Samir Amin: How to Defeat the Collective Imperialism of the Triad,

Samir Amin, world-known economist, explains the reason of decadent condition of the modern economy and gives the recipe of the salvation from global imperialism.